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Wessex Resolutions, formerly known as Wessex Home Improvement Loans, works with 20 Local Authority across the South West. Established in 2003, our loans have been developed to meet the needs of people requiring essential home improvement work and who may find themselves financially excluded.

(Typical 4.2% APR)

As a not for profit lender, we work with a range of clients to ensure any loan offered is the right solution to their home repair or improvement needs. Since the partnership began in 2003, the availability of loans has grown and we can now lend to homeowners, landlords, empty property owners, park home owners, first time buyers, gypsy and travellers or those wishing to make home energy improvements.

We work in close partnership with our Local Authority partners to develop loan schemes which meet the needs of a wide variety of people and are proud to live and work in the communities we serve.


Missing payments could affect your credit rating and ability to obtain credit in the future.  Wessex Resolutions CIC may insist on loans being protected at the Land Registry by a Title Restriction.  Loans are Subject to Status.

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“I could never have, as a single mum, afforded my central heating system or had the confidence to get the work carried out without the assistance of Wessex Resolutions and the Council. I now have a warm home after 4 ½ years of living without any adequate heating system. One of my daughters, just after the central heating was installed, said to me “You know mummy, it is lovely to wake up warm” Mrs L, Devon